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    Jewelry [Jewellery]

    Jewelry [Jewellery]

    Ancient Magic

    Timeless magical and mythological symbols crafted as pendants in lead-free pewter, supplied with black cord necklace.


    Inspired by the legends of Atlantis, these striking pendants are made from highly polished pewter, enchanced by gold plating and Swarovski crystals. Each pendant comes with a matching ball chain and is presented in a satin Atlantis carry pouch.


    Exquisitely designed Ancient Egyptian Amulets, some with matching earrings, finished in gold and silver and enhanced with Swarovski Crystal.

    The Egyptian Mysteries hold the key to sacred truth and eternal wisdom. Embracing the ancient secrets of our most magical and spiritual ancestors, these precious amulets are reputed to offer the wearer life-enhancing empowerment.

    Briar Angels and Fairies Pendants

    Briar Angels and Fairies Are produced in a lead free pewter, ornamented with gold, silver and embellished with Swarovski crystals. Supplied in a presentation box with a matching chain and instruction leaflet on how to cleanse and connect with your charm.

    Briar Gemstone Pendants

    Access the Earth's vibrating and radiant energy with these Briar Gemstone Pendants. Each Briar Gemstone Pendants. is set in 925 Sterling Silver, ornamented with 18ct gold and is mounted on designs of ancient symbols and scripts that correspond with and promote the specific benefits of each Gemstone. Each Briar Gemstone Pendants. comes with a black cord and is presented in its own purple satin pouch.

    Celtic Birth Charms

    Original Celtic Birth Charms, inspired by the Celtic Festival Year, crafted in antiqued Sterling Silver.

    Celtic Magic

    Celtic pendants crafted in traditional lead-free pewter, supplied with black cord necklace.

    Celtic Sorcery

    Renowned for the beauty of their craftsmanship and the skill of their sorcery, the ancient Celts designed many potent charms. These powerful Talismans hold the key to magical empowerment and are reputed to bestow upon their wearer the benifits described. All pendants are produced in Leaf-Free Polished Pewter and are presented on a chain in a hallmarked Jewellery Box. Crystals are Swarovski.

    Earthsea Charms

    The EarthSea range is an eclectic collection of Amulets, Charms and Talismans from many different countries and historic origins. These symbols have been selected for their beauty and the properties reputed to be inherent in them, and have been researched and designed as jewellery by Helene Llewellyn and carved by David Kemp, whose signature is engraved on the back of each piece.

    Amulets, Talismans and Charms have been worn by people of every culture from the beginning of time. Many people view them as working like self changing solar batteries, giving protection by absorbing negative energies and drawing into the wearer positive energies from the appropriate planetary forces linked to the intention of the Charm. All pendants are finished in nickel free Antiqued Silver Plate.

    Fire and Ice

    Enchanting lead-free pewter and Swarovski Crystal pendants from the world of myth, legend and fantasy.


    A key to our own unconscious minds, the word Forbidden itself draws us to the Darker Mystical and Magickal parts of us that society conditions us to dismiss as mere childish fantasy. Finished in Gold and Silver plated pewter and embellished with Swarovski Crystals these Forbidden pendants combine Archetypal Images with Seals and Sigils from Ancient Grimoires, to form powerful Magickal Amulets and Talismans. Each Forbidden piece is supplied with its own chain and is presented in a lined, velvet pouch.


    Exquisitely sculpted Gothic Fantasy designs, finished in silver and gold, and enhanced with Swavorski crystals and enamelling.

    Each piece comes with a matching chain and is presented in a Galraedia jewellery box with its meaning and origins explained on the label inside the lid.

    At the edge of the unconcious mind lies an Otherworld, the Land of Galraedia, where shimmering myth shadows reality.

    Legends of Rhiannon

    The famous Celts are our mysterious ancestors who passed on their history and lore through oral tradition, leaving only fragments surviving in myths and stories. We know them best by the artwork they left us — stone carvings, metalwork, and illuminated manuscripts such as the Book of Kells.

    Celtic Art flourished between 100bc and 900ad throughout Europe, Britain and Ireland. There are several forms of decoration: zoomorphic (animal designs), spirals, knotwork, key patterns and interlacing figures, all symbolic of the Celts’ religious and magical beliefs in Unity, Eternity and the endless cycle of Birth, Death and Rebirth. The material and spiritual world blended seamlessly for the Celts perceived no gap between Natural and Supernatural. Magic was a part of everyday life.

    As horses played a key role in their culture, of greatest importance to the Celts was the beautiful Welsh Goddess of Horses — Rhiannon — whose name is derived from Rig Antona, or Great High Queen. Her stories appear in the medieval fable collection, The Mabinogion and she has powerful magical links with sacred kingship and beautiful birds, whose sweet song would soothe the living asleep and wake the dead. Fertility and nourishment are Rhiannon’s blessings.

    Inspired by Celtic Art and Celtic Vision, and dedicated to the Legends of Rhiannon, our designs reflect qualities the ancient Celts admired and would attract into their lives through wearing similar charms and talismans. Your chosen image from this collection may enhance and transform your life, for the Magic of Rhiannon lives today.

    Magical Charms

    The Star Charms are an eclectic collection of authentic Talismans and Amulets from a wide number of cultures and sources. The Star Charms are made of Brass and Copper.

    Magical Pentagrams

    A key symbol in the western magickal tradition, the Pentagram is a 5-pointed star representing the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water surmounted by the Spirit. It is inscribed in the Air by western Magicians and Witches during the ritual creation and cleansing of elemental energy within the magickal circle, and is also used for protection and purification by practitioners of High Magick in the Banishing Ritual of the Lesser Pentagram. The Magickal Pentagrams in this range come from a number of different magickal traditions and were designed for many different purposes. All Pentagrams are made from silver and/or gold plated lead free pewter, and embellished with Swarovski Crystals. The Pentagrams can be worn for decorative or symbolic purposes, but should you wish to charge your Pentagram to its purpose it is advisable to form a link between yourself and the cosmic forces that operate through it by performing a simple act of empowerment. Many people prefer to wear their Pentagram for some time before consecrating it, to get familiar with its energy and receive inspiration for their magickal intention.

    Magical Talismans

    Unique collection of ancient Magical Talismans produced in antique brass and copper, encased in pewter.

    These rare Talismans feel substantial, radiate distinction and come with a matching chain and bespoke jewellery box.

    Nordic Lights

    Nordic Lights jewellery celebrates our Celtic and Viking ancestors, remembered for their legendary love of adventure, poetry and art. Our unique designs incorporate symbols from ancient Northern European magical lore and can be used for spellcraft and empowerment.

    Eyecatching Viking jewellery in lead-free pewter embellished with Swarovski Crystals, silver and gold.

    Reiki Living Symbols

    Produced as pendants, under the guidance of Reiki Master Teacher Dr Allen Sweeney, these profound symbols are attuned to frequencies designed to provide the described benefits when kept within your Aura. They can therefore be worn around the neck, kept in a purse or pocket or beneath your pillow at night. Each symbol has been finished in silver using the energy of 24 carat gold to enhance its high frequency healing properties. These living symbols are not designed for decorative use and should be worn until the desired objective has been archieved. Energy may be felt from these symbols in many ways as a result of the healing, cleansing or clearing process and this is normal and desirable. If you find the effects of a symbol uncomfortable when you first use it, this would indicate that it is having a strong transformational effect on you and we recommend that you take it off and wear it for an increasing period each successive day until you are completely comfortable with the energy. It is advisable to only work with the energy of one symbol at a time.

    Religious Necklaces

    Religious necklaces on 45cm silver finish chains.

    Rune Charms

    Sculpted Rune pendants in lead-free pewter for divination and magic, supplied with leather hanging thong.

    Santeria Bead Necklaces

    These colourful beaded necklaces can be worn by both men and women to help archieve their goals or for handling problems. While wearing, reflect on your needs and desires. Necklaces measure approximately 25 inches (63cm) long.

    Sigils of the Craft

    Initiates of the Ancient Creed – ‘An it harm none, do what you will, use spell-craft and magickal arts wisely to benefit themselves and others. Sigil charms, potent symbols of the Witches’ skills, energise and empower the magickal intentions of their wearer. Produced in sterling silver, each Sigil of the Creed charm has a black cord necklace and is presented in a pentacle jewellery box.

    Symbol Magic

    Magical and mythological symbols from around the world. Each pendant is made from Pewter and is proveded with a black hanging thong.


    A modern adornment for Goths, Pagans, Wiccans, Medieval, New Age folk and Clubbers. Beautiful and rich in detail, these exquisite Tiaras are made from nickel free alloy and embellished with glass beads and glass crystals. All Tiaras have an adjustable chain on the back to fit any head.

    Trove of Valhalla

    A Unique Collection of Viking Pendants Hand-finished in Antiqued Gold and Lead-free Pewter

    The Viking civilization flourished 700 ad to 1,000 ad throughout northern Europe where the harsh Viking homelands of Scandinavia shaped a hardy and often ferocious people who yearned to travel the world. In longboats, and with superior weaponry, Vikings gained a fearless reputation for conquest, and even now our days of the week are named after Viking gods and goddesses.

    Our knowledge of the Vikings comes primarily from Icelandic poems. These Eddas, written by skilled and respected Skalds (poets), tell mythological stories and give advice, warnings, and detailed genealogies. Many tales featured the mighty one-eyed god Odin, who inhabited Asgard in his great hall Valhalla, where slain heroes received their reward in endless feasting and drinking. Though courage and loyalty were respected Viking traits, our ancient Norse ancestors also adored humour and found joy in romantic love.

    Artists and craftsmen, working in gold, silver, tin and bronze, evolved a distinctive design style in which strands are plaited and interlaced with animal-like creatures. Viking men wore bracelets and pendants, and women — who held high status and could divorce unsatisfactory husbands — delighted in brooches, pendants and decorative dress-fastening.

    The Vikings concealed hoards of ornaments and silver believing that what was buried would be enjoyed in the afterlife — in Valhalla. Through archeological finds of treasure-trove, we can experience the wonder of the Viking age, which we have re-created here in this unique range of pendants.

    Voodoo Charms

    Positive Magick for Positive Energy

    Voodoo, an ancient practise of magick with thousands of secret followers, is a very powerful and effective method of achieving specific goals and as such, Voodooism is now a widely recognised mystical art. We have removed the veil from this taboo religion to bring these 12 Voodoo Charms. Each Voodoo Charm possesses ‘Veves’ (mystical symbols) to intensify the benefits of its purpose.

    Power Pendants

    For thousands of years people throughout the world have worn amulets and talismans for protection and guidance. Power Pendants are a unique collection of charms, amulets and talismans from many different countries and cultures which have been specially selected for their reputed powers of protection and transformation. Each Power Pendant is Lead and Nickel free, supplied with a matching chain and presentation box and are price at only £5.95 each.

    Jewelry [Jewellery]