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    Greeting Cards and Posters

    Greeting Cards and Posters

    Discontinued & Clearance Items approx. 50% disc.

    New sale items added on 2nd November 2007. To find sales items using the search function, simply type the word Sale and the title, author or keyword you are looking for into the search box to the right and click the go! button.

    Briar Dharma Cards

    Dharma Greetings Cards reproduced from original paintings by Briar.

    Briar Gothic Cards

    Gothic Greetings Cards reproduced from original paintings by Briar.

    Briar Greetings Cards

    Reproduced from original paintings by Briar, one of England's leading mythological artists, these stunning greetings cards will be bought as much for ththeir beauty and artistic merit, as for their visionary and evocative themes.

    Briar Mystery Cards

    Briar's Mystery Cards bring you a world of dragons, fairies and mystery reproduced from his original paintings.

    Gothic Moon Cards

    Gothic Greetings Cards reproduced from original paintings by Lauren.

    Briar Yule Cards

    Yule Cards reproduced from Briar's original paintings.

    Faery Cards

    Eight exquiste cards depicting faery folk in their natural habitat. Produced by Digby Curtis, these stunning cards have an almost life-like photo quality, which is sure to captivate faery and fantasy enthusiasts alike.

    Patrick Gamble Greetings Cards

    Powerful images painted by Patrick Gamble under guidance of his Native American Spirit Guide.

    Peter Pracownik Cards

    Reproduced from original paintings by Peter Pracownik, one of England's most successful fantasy artists.

    POSTERS: Art Mythical Prints

    Faithfully reproduced from paintings and artwork by Briar and Shaman Digby Curtis, England’s leading mythological and fantasy artists, their visionary, esoteric and evocative themes are captured beautifully in these high quality prints. Each colour print measures 300 x 405mm (12 x 16”)

    Spell Cards

    Original magic spells and instructions inside colourful Spell Cards designed by the magical artist Annette Fry.

    Zodiac Greetings Cards

    Vibrant Astrological cards designed by Annette Fry.

    Greeting Cards and Posters