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    Mandrake Press stocks dozens of Moulded candles, Seven Day candles and Double and Triple Action candles.


    Mandrake Press stocks an extensive range of Anna Riva oils as well as 7 Sisters candle blessing oils and bath oils.


    Mandrake Press stocks an wide range of Anna Riva self-lighting powder incense, cone and stick incense. We also stock 7 Sisters and Powerful Indian incense sprays and smudge sticks.

    Herbs, Roots and Resins

    Mandrake Press stocks a wide range of Herbs, Roots and Resins. Do not purchase these products if you do not know how to use them — items in this section include potent, hazardous, or poisonous botanicals which should be handled with extreme caution. Our herbs are offered as curios only, and no supernatural or magical claims are made for their use. Sold as ‘Sample Packets’ they vary from product to product in size, weight and quantity, dependant on cost, availability and amount needed for most general use. They are not sold for therapeutic, medical, or cosmetic use, and are not to be consumed. Caution: Items marked with * are potent, hazardous, or poisonous botanicals and should be handled with extreme caution. [c/s = cut and sifted wh = whole]

    Cleansing Products

    Mandrake Press stocks a range of Soaps, Bath Crystals, Bath and Floor Washes and Floor Swipes from Anna Riva, Powerful Indian and Indio.


    Mandrake Press stocks the Anna Riva range of Psychic Powders.


    Mandrake Press stocks a range of Spell Kits, Mojo Bags, Rune kits and Pendulum Kits.

    Miscellaneous and Unusual Items

    Mandrake Press stocks many hard to find and unusual items. Here you will find Inks, Quills, Parchment, Voodoo Dolls (male and female), Voodoo and Santeria supplies and much more.


    Mandrake Press stocks many Incense burners and holders, Mortar and Pestles, Bells, Candlesticks, Goblets and Scales.


    Please note that these products are supplied without instructions unless otherwise specified. If you are unsure how to use these items, please do not purchase them. All items are solds as curios only.