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    Miscellaneous and Unusual Items

    Supplies |  Miscellaneous and Unusual Items

    Holy Verse Cards

    Cards sealed in clear vinyl, with full colour picture on front and appropriate prayers on back.

    Religious Car Statues

    Approximately ten centimetres high with magnetic and peel and stick application on base.

    Salts and Sands

    Salts and Sands from Anna Riva and Indio.

    Voodoo and Santeria Supplies

    Voodoo and Sateria supplies including Voodoo Dolls, Graveyard Dirt and Coffin Nails.

    Writing Supplies

    Here you will find Parchments and Inks.

    Unusual and Hard to Find Items

    Here you will find a mixture of unusual and hard to find supplies.

    Supplies |  Miscellaneous and Unusual Items