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    Double Action Candles

    Two colour Double Action candles measuring 22.5cm x 3.75cm.

    Jumbo Candles

    Single colour Jumbo candles measuring 22.5cm x 3.75cm.

    Moulded Candles

    Moulded candles from Indio. Various sizes, designs include: Buddha, Cat, Coiled Snake, Cross, Devil, Male and Female Gender, Male and Female Image, Marriage, Mummy, Praying Hands, Reversible, Sabbatic Goat (Baphomet), Seven Knob, Skull and Witch.

    Mr Money Mystic Palm Oil Candles

    100% Palm Oil Candles. Vegetable Palm Oil Candles are clean burning, smokeless, last long, are dripless, have a brighter flame and contain no petrochemicals. 22.5cm x 2.2cm

    Seven Day Candles

    Seven Day candles from Indio and Seven Sisters burn for approximately 120 hours.

    Triple Action Candles

    Three colour Triple Action candles measuring 22.5cm x 3.75cm.

    Supplies |  Candles